Youth LED Scouting Group

What do YOU want to experience?


Right from the start, Lord Baden-Powell’s vision for Scouting was of a program in which the youth took responsibility for their activities and adventures. Scouts play the most important role within their Sections, and Scouters need to give them the opportunity to step up and run the program.

Youth decide what activities they want to do, what adventures they want to undertake and what challenges they wish to give themselves. Youth bring their own ideas and interests to the mix to create Adventures in all six Program Areas (Leadership, Active and Healthy Living, Outdoors and Environment, Beliefs and Values, Citizenship, and Creative Expression) so that the program truly becomes their own. They can use resource materials provided to suggest starting points in the Plan-Do-Review process for all kinds of adventures.

This does not mean that there is no Scouter involvement in the program, of course. Youth-led is not a free-for-all where anything goes while the adults stand back and watch. Our Scouters have an active role in mentoring, encouraging, guiding and inspiring the youth.

Scouters are ultimately responsible for creating a safe, inclusive, and fun environments where youth can take on increasing responsibility and leadership roles.

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