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Venturer Scouts are always ready for new challenges. By choosing from (and inventing) different Expeditions, youth will engage in the program in a way that tests and challenges them. Often, a Venturer Scout will have the responsibility of being the Expedition Leader, captaining other Venturer Scouts in an exciting project or outing!

After exploring the Pond, Jungle, and blazing new Trails, Venturer Scouts will explore the next part of their journey through the metaphor of mountain climbing. Each step in the journey is challenging and the Venturer Scout only reaches the Summit once he/she has acquired the necessary skills and maturity to do so. The Summit cannot be reached exclusively through one’s own efforts; the journey must be supported by peers in the Company and Scouters.

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A Venturer Scout will plot a Solo Climb through the Section, setting personal challenges in Leadership, Health and Active Living, Citizenship, Personal Expression, Beliefs and Values and the Environment and Outdoors.

These goals can be met on the Venturer’s own, or through Expeditions with other Venturer Scouts.

Reach the SummitVenturer Scouts will set increasingly challenging goals for themselves in each program area over the significant stages of the mountain: from the Trailhead, to the Treeline, up to the Snowline, and finally reaching the Summit.

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Personal Achievement

A series of badges geared to the challenges of the individual youths personal interests. Personal achievement badges will be earned by completing Plan, Do, Review tasks designed by the youth and Scouter.

Queen’s Venturer Award

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

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Have a look at the Canadian Path Achievement system

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