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Trail Blazing

The Scouts Section presents youth with the opportunity to take more ownership of their program than ever before. First-year Scouts may have had responsibility for a Lair in Cub Scouts, but by their final year in Scouts, they may be one of the leaders for the whole Troop.

The Canadian Adventure Map provides a wide variety of Canadian Trails to use as the basis for delivering an effective and adventurous Scout journey. The Trails are based on real tracks and geographic regions of historic and cultural significance. Scouts will explore the Trails as a symbolic framework supporting their personal progression (though, of course, they may be inspired to actually visit and explore some of the actual trails as well). Finally, youth are encouraged to blaze their own Trail.

The selected Trails logically correspond with six program areas, and ensure that the personal progression of Scouts is measurable and balanced.

  • Red Coat Trail (Leadership)
  • Lake Superior Trail (Healthy and Active Living)
  • The Bruce Trail (Outdoors and Environment)
  • The Ottawa River (Citizenship)
  • The Cabot Trail (Personal Interest)
  • West Coast Trail (Beliefs and Values)

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The progression of the Scouts’ program is divided into four standards, roughly corresponding to the capabilities of Scouts over their four years in the Section. These standards are:

  • Pioneer Standard
  • Voyageur Standard
  • Pathfinder Standard
  • Trailblazer Standard

While these standards are designed to be a manageable progression for the majority of Scouts, some Scouts will be able to skip levels in the progression, pursuing the Trailblazer Standard after achieving the Voyageur Standard (for example)—bypassing the requirements for the Pathfinder Standard. This will allow Scouts to be appropriately challenged over the course of the program.

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Personal Achievement

A series of badges geared to the challenges of the individual youths personal interests. Personal achievement badges will be earned by completing Plan, Do, Review tasks designed by the youth and Scouter.

Chief Scout’s Award

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