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Rover Scouts is the final Section in Scouting, existing to help the transition from adolescence to maturity and support young people in their integration into adult society.

In Baden-Powell’s book Rovering to Success, he describes a journey he faced in a canoe while paddling the wilds of Canada during an oncoming storm:

We had voyaged along rivers and streams, sometimes in the smooth, sometimes through the rapids, but always amid the ever-changing glories of forest scenery. It was a new experience to come out of our stream on to the wider expanse of the lake and, after starting out in the sunshine, to find ourselves presently under a darkening sky involved in a rising gale and a choppy sea.

This quotation very much captures the nature of a new Rover Scout. Leaving the familiar rivers and streams of their high schools (and often hometowns), new Rover Scouts enter the wider world with many options to choose from. Some choose to pursue work, others choose schooling. Some stay at home, others decide to move out. Even if a decision seems to be pretty clear at the outset to a Rover Scout, changes occur quickly and plans must remain adaptable.

It is in the midst of the storm that Rover Scouts are expected to be able to find their way through all the challenges of the real world, to choose their own route and to paddle their own canoes.

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The Rover Scout program aims to help young Canadians to be prepared for their early adulthood. Rover Scouts practice comprehensive goal-setting, receive peer mentoring, and participate in impactive projects, within a supportive team environment.

Sweet Spot ManagementThe program develops capable, confident and well-rounded individuals, better prepared for success and to positively contribute to society.

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Personal Achievement

A series of badges geared to the challenges of the individual youths personal interests. Personal achievement badges will be earned by completing Plan, Do, Review tasks designed by the youth and Scouter.

Top Section Award—Name TBA

Requirements in development.

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

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