Past Events 2014/15

Sandilands Forest Discovery Center  Camp Out


Wow we had a great start to our Cubs and Scouts program this year!! We had a camp out at the Sandilands Forest Discovery Center. It turned out to be wonderful even though it rained on Saturday afternoon evening!


We had 10 Cubs and 3 Scouts that attended this event! Eric Melvin was on site all weekend to allow us the use of the facilities and he spent lots of time with the cubs teaching them things about the forest and conservation.

The Scouts spent lots of time pioneering! They camped on their own away from the cubs. The did some geocaching and tin can cooking! Plus more.

Have a look at the photo`s here


Popcorn Fundraiser 2014

Popcorn fundraiser 2014 was fantastic! Thank you to all that supported our club. Congratulations to our own Stefan for the achieving top sales for Manitoba once again this year!!

Cuboree at Camp Amisk – Oct 4th

Cubs went to a Cuboree at Camp Amisk ( south of Winnipeg) on Oct 4th.  Check out the photos here

Hike at Pinkerton Lake – Oct 18th

Cubs and Scouts went on a hike at Pinkerton Lake. Have a look at the photo`s


Remembrance Day Service

First Aid Training

Christmas Cheer Board

Hug a Tree Presentation – Jan 6, 2015

Beaver Aviation Museum Sleepover

Scout Winter Camp at Camp Amik

Baden Powell Week

Miami Outing for Cubs and Scouts

Klondike Derby

Beaver Potato Farm Tour

Beaver Fire Station Tour

KubKar Rally

Snake Den’s

Group Camp

More photo’s to come soon…please visit again soon! 🙂

Check out our past events page for some of the things we did last year!!!


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