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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us any time. We always can use your help! Even if it is for a small job it is greatly appreciated!

For Parents to Know

Great, Safe Scouting Adventures


Some of the best practices for parents to help their kids get the most of their Scouting experience.


Parent Engagement

Defined Parent Rolls

Let’s Get Parents Involved



Scouts Canada is the country’s leading youth organization,
offering exciting programs for boys, girls and young
adults aged 5 to 26. The mission of Scouts Canada is to
contribute to the education of young people, through a
value system based on the Scout Promise and Law, to
build a better world where people are self-fulfilled and
play a constructive, meaningful role in society.
Scouting is based on three broad principles that reflect
its fundamental beliefs: Duty to God (defined as the
responsibility to adhere to spiritual principles and thus
to the beliefs that expresses them), Duty to Others,
and Duty to Self. These core values are reflected in
programs that are built on healthy and active living,
environmental stewardship, leadership development,
and community service.
You might be surprised to know that there are
over 74,000 youth in Scouting across Canada, as
well as over 25,000 volunteers – many of whom are
parents of Scouting youth themselves. With every
new member, with every camp and every community
service project, Scouts Canada works hard to make one
simple promise to Canadian youth and their parents:
For over 105 years, kids in Scouting have been having
fun adventures they wouldn’t discover elsewhere.
Along the way, kids develop into capable, confident,
and well-rounded individuals. Scouting is the start of
something great.


The terminology that parents may hear throughout the year:

  •  Sections – the break down of the club. Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Ventures.
  • Groups – Our club
  • Area – our catchment area includes, Morden, Morris, Steinbach, and Portage
  • Council – Manitoba Council and support personal
  • Section Scouters – leaders in each section
  • Support Scouters- older youth learning to be scouters
  • Group Committee – parent volunteers helping with odds and ends and some decision making. Includes treasurer, quarter master ( equipment manager), popcorn coordinator etc.

• This structure, and all of the volunteers who work within it, are organized towards delivering a quality Scouting program to your children – or, as we refer to it – a great, safe Scouting experience.

About Our Group

•  We have been in Carman many years. Our Necker colours are deep burgandy and yellow. The burgundy colour is worn over on the left over the heart

.• Last year some of our high lights were Klodike Derby, Cub Car Rally, swimming at Portage la Prairie and our area Camp out.

About Our Group Commissioner (Role & Expectations)

• Provide an essential link between Sections, Groups and Areas.
• Be the conduit for rapid communication and response, providing
a direct avenue for servicing and the passage of
information in both directions.
• Ensure the delivery of Scouts Canada’s programs in
accordance with its Mission and Principles, which meet
Scouts Canada’s Program Standards and are in keeping
with the goals and ideals of the Partner/Sponsor.
• Ensure compliance with all Policies and Procedures
of Scouts Canada – focus on safety of youth, risk
management, leader training and program quality.
• Establish and maintain positive relationships with
parents, leaders, Partner/Sponsor, other Commissioners
and the community at large.

The Scouters (Leaders)

Scouters: Primary responsibility is to deliver the programs as outlined in the Program Standards, and in the section-specific Leaders’ Handbook. Scouters work with both the other Scouters in the Sections and the youth to plan programs and share leadership within the program meetings, ensuring the youth are engaged, safe and, most importantly, having FUN! If there are
questions or concerns you may have, your main contact is the Section Scouter. If you have any concerns and you are not comfortable talking to a Section Scouter, please speak
to the Group Commissioner or Area Commissioner. All our volunteers are screened, have a Police Record Check (PRC) with Vulnerable Sector Search, and have taken specific training to work with your child. This includes: Child & Youth Safety training; accessibility awareness
training for people with disabilities, specific Scouting training for the section of their designation. Volunteers have committed to a Code of Conduct. We can ensure we deliver consistent, high quality, repeatable, safe, and fun programs. Our Scouters work very hard in making sure that your
child has the best Scouting experience possible; we need your help so that we can achieve this.
IMPORTANT FACTS TO REMEMBER: We have straight-forward guidelines and a Code of Conduct that has to be respected:

• Our Scouters always work in pairs. Back-up is always important with our volunteers. If they are short in support we may need you to help; however, we always have a minimum of two Scouters working with our youth. Scouters will email parents only; if youth are to be emailed, a parent must be copied.
• Our Scouters will never turn down your help – in fact, they’ll encourage it. We’ve found that many hands make for a more fulfilling experience for both youth and parents. You may be required to complete some safety training depending on your level of involvement, but it’s free, online, and would not take more than a few hours to complete.


• Sponsor – Carman United Church, Carman Anglican Church, Royal Canadian Legion


Beavers – Meet Monday night 7-8 pm in the basement of the  United Church

Cubs and Scouts – Meet Tuesday night 7 – 8:30 pm in the basement of the United Church

Group committee – group of parent volunteers helping to administer the program
Administrator : Upcoming meetings, talk about group events.
Registrar: My scouts support, help with registrations, help Scouters with potential new recruits.
Treasurer: Donations, making cheques or payments for events, NOLB
Fundraiser: Popcorn, Scouttrees, Bottle drives
Quartermaster: Gear


• Join us on Facebook
Regular emails:
Emails are sent about upcoming events and to find out your child’s attendance. Please let us know if your child can come or not.
• We will try to give you as much support and details that we possibly can: Camp details (location, itinerary), things to bring, etc. If you feel like we missed something, please ask.


PARTICIPATE: As noted earlier – if you want to participate and/or help out, then we’d be delighted to have you. As we do with youth, we treat all parents equally regardless of their ability. We firmly believe that Scouting has much to offer young people as they develop and that taking part is more important than being good at something. The same holds true for parents.
LEARN: What we do is all hands-on. Youth who have experienced Scouting’s programs are more likely to have success in school, career, and family, and they are more likely to develop strong ethics and healthy relationships with others.

For example:
• Youth with five or more years in Scouting are more likely to graduate from high school (98%) than those who never were Scouts (83%).
• Former Scouts are also more likely to be college graduates (40%) than non-Scouts (16%).

BE PREPARED: Make sure your child gets the most out of this experience. It’s okay to help as a parent, but your child must also learn from these experiences, and in true Scouting fashion, they will learn best by doing.
For a weekend overnight or camping trip, have youths pack their gear. Younger sections may need a hand, but they should be able to prepare the beginning of a packing list, and they are the ones who should pack their bag. This helps them find their toothbrush at camp a bit easier, and it helps them know how to re-pack it at the end of camp. The same mindset can be applied to working on badge requirements and building Kub Kars.


Be supportive; offer to help when you can. Offer to help if one of our Activities seems
to interest you. Help with badge work and other projects that kids are working on at home.
Don’t let the kids have all the fun! There are some great opportunities to help out at camps, events, with Group Committee, or as a Scouter.
All of our volunteers are trained in our program sections, child and youth safety and with courses to perfect their skills. If you are interested in joining the team, let me know this evening. I can give you more information.
Transportation: Unless organized transportation (like a bus or train) is being planned for the outing or camp, parents are responsible for transporting their youth to and from the event. It’s against Scouts Canada policies for a volunteer (including a Scouter) to drive your kids to camp; we have to respect the Two Scouter Rule .
Children with special needs: Let us know about any special needs that your child may have: dietary, medical, or learning.
Marking Scouting even better: We do try to do our best in creating the greatest possible program. If we have overlooked something, we want you to let us know. Ask questions. If you have concerns, do not hesitate to speak to us about it.

• We talked a lot about the extensive training that our volunteers go through, our safety policies and procedures for Scouting activities, and our Two Scouter Rule. We place great expectations on our Volunteers.
• If you have any questions about the way things are being done, or thoughts on how they can be improved, please speak with your Section Scouters.

Further questions Call Lynne at 204-745-6680

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