These are some links to some past news worthy events :

Carman Cubs take first place at the 44th Annual Klondike Derby


Klondike Derby 2015 – Winnipeg Free Press Article

2014 Kub Kar Rally Winners – Both winners Carman !! Valley Leader

Rally Winner

Third Year Top Popcorn Sales 2013 –   Pembina Online

3rd Year

2nd Year Top Popcorn Sales 2012 –    Valley Leader   or Pembina Online

Popcorn Year 2

Top Pop Corn Sales 2011 – Pembina Online

Top Popcorn

2013 Newpaper article

Edwin Pritchard – Medal Of Merit – MB Council Annual Report 2012-2013

MAFRD’s John Heard wins major international award


 Carman Beavers, Cubs and Scouts Giving back to the community – packing hampers for the Christmas Cheer Board




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