Mine Craft Badge Requirements

Mine craft badge (Cubs Oct, 2014)
– Must be done in survival mode.
– Requirements should be applicable to all supported platforms.
1) Create a single player world in survival mode.
– make a crafting table
– craft a wooden pic axe and sword.
– create a shelter complete with a door, bed, furnace, and torches.
– survive in your shelter for one night.
– Describe your shelter and some reasons you built your shelter the way you did.
– Explain some features that would make for a good site selection. ex- safety, shelter, food, water,
2) Go on a hike:
– Collect some food, (may cook it in the furnace)
– Build a small day camp with a furnace and chest.
– Collect the materials you need to make the items in step 3.
– Eat some food to replenish your energy.
– Remove all traces of your daycamp.
– Find your way back to the shelter.
– Explain why it is important to return our campsites back to nature when we have finished.
– Explain how you would avoid getting lost and find your shelter again in real life.
3) Demonstrate a knowledge of how to make the following using a crafting table:
– stone axe
– stone sword
– stone pic axe
– stone shovel
– iron sword
– chest
– ladder
– armour (your choice)
– bucket
– flint and steel
4) Build a fire pit and make a fire to keep warm using your flint and steel.
– Explain why it is important to use a fire pit instead of lighting a fire anywhere.
5) Create an large Inuksuk on a hill near your shelter.
– Explain some of the things that inuksuks were/are used for.
– Explain why we should not destroy or alter nature and things other people have built. Ex- not picking
wild flowers, moving markers, breaking unessecary paths, cutting trees…
6) Research and Explain, (pick 1)
a) Which is a better metal to use for a sword, iron or gold and why. (Min 2 reasons)
b) What types of stone tools did our ancestors use.(List 2, draw 1)
c) What metals are used to make brass. What metals are used to make bronze. What is it called when
you mix 2 or more metals together to make a “new” metal.
d) What two elements are used to make steel. Is steel stronger or weaker than pure iron?

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