Ideas for Leaders

This page is a collection of IDEAS For Beaver, Cub and Scout Leaders to use in their meetings, crafts etc:

Poem for Beavers swimming up to Cubs:

Now my beaver scout days are done. Look out Cub Scouts here I come. Over the stepping stones to be with you. Move out of my way, as I’m coming through!

Beaver Leader Names:

Leader names


Activity Ideas:

Popsicle catapults

Hungary Hippo on scooter boards with balls and a rope tied to the one on the scooter. Kids have a box to try and grab the balls.

 Kub Kar Curling,  Kub Kar Bowling and Kub Kar Sling Shot  for beavers

  • Curling  big white paper with curling rings at one end. Push the buggy to land on the rings
  • Bowling same idea as Curling but set up plastic cups as bowling pins
  • Sling shot – bungee cord attached to 2 pieces of wood and the car can be sling shot while flat on the floor.

Woogles below

woogle ideasbeaver dam code of conductPioneering



Capture     Ideas for making things with knots  – Knots with purpose

Toiletry craft


Beaver craft

night bowlingninja

beaver tails 

Fire building

fire builder 2 Pioneering



Easter Craft 

How to Make a Fleur-De-Lis Knot by TIAT


Ideas for Leaders

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