Cub Scouts Canadian Path

The JUNGLE for Cub Scouts

The Jungle

The revitalization of the Cub Scouts program will clarify our objectives and methodology. The Cub Scout journey begins with a Gathering of Wolves, a special outline program to help prepare and plan the year ahead.

Welcome back to the Jungle. Just like Mowgli, Cub Scouts will be adventuring into the wonderful world of The Jungle Book. The areas listed will help the Pack choose from a variety of small adventures that will help Cub Scouts to learn new skills and progress in skills they already have—making them more well-rounded individuals.

  • Council Rock (Leadership)
  • The Red Flower Camp (Outdoors)
  • Baloo’s Cave (Beliefs and Values)
  • Bagheera’s Hunting Grounds (Environment)
  • Monkey City (Creativity and Personal Interest)
  • Elephant Turf (Citizenship)
  • The Swinging Bridge (Health and Fitness)
  • The Village (Moving to Scouts)


The Gathering of Wolves, a four-week program, teaches Cub Scouts about the program and the role they play in the Pack.

The Pack gets a slight polish on some of its terminology. “Lairs” replaces the term “Sixes”.

First–year Cub Scouts (known as Runners) will be instantly welcomed into the Pack and presented to their new Lairs.

Second-year Cub Scouts (known as Trackers) will mentor the Runners in their transition to Scouting and to the Cub program.

Third-year Cub Scouts (known as Howlers) are the voice of the Pack. They will prepare a series of activities to help the Pack seek its interests for the year.

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Personal Achievement

A series of badges, geared to the challenges of the individual youths personal interests. Personal achievement badges will be earned by completing Plan, Do, Review tasks designed by the youth and Scouter.

Top Section Award—Name TBA

Requirements in development

Please go to the Canadian Achievement page to see how the Achievement works within the new Canadian Path!

Jungle Activity Cards to help get you started:

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