Canadian Path Tips for Scouters

Below are some tips for scouters in all sections. Please take some time to explore.

scouter-tip-1-illustrate-your-adventure  – Beavers

scouter-tip-2-talking-stick   – Cubs

scouter-tip-3-actitout –  Scouts

scouter-tip-4-a-directed-review – Rover

scouter-tip-5-amory-adventure-award – Venturer

scouter-tip-6-lets-build-a-quinzhee – Venturer and Rover

scouter-tip-7-lets-go-skating – Beaver

scouter-tip-8-lets-go-snowshoeing – Scouts

scouter-tip-9-lets-go-toboganning – Cubs

scouter-tip-10-SPICES-beaver-scouts – Beavers

scouter-tip-11-SPICES-cub-scouts – Cubs

scouter-tip-12-SPICES-scouts – Scouts


scouter-tip-14-SPICES-rover-scouts – Rover


Skills Competencies:

trail skills – TRAIL SKILLS Competencies

camping skills

Plan Do Review

STEM  Science Technology Engineering Math

The STEM Program is a perfect complement to the Canadian Path. It allows for the incorporation of Adventures in any field of study that relates to Science, Technology,

Engineering and Mathematics. STEM has a long history in Scouting, from building a catapult, a Kub Kar or an efficient fire, to figuring out how to stay warm in winter camp. As partof the Canadian Path, Scouts Canada is planning to make STEM a more prominent part of its programming.

The goal of our STEM program is to:

• Foster curiosity and imagination in STEM fields

• Break the stereotypes that discourage youth from pursuing STEM careers

• Provide Scouters with resources that help them to integrate STEM into the program

Intro to OAS – Outdoor Adventure Skills Program

What is the Outdoor Adventure Skills Program?

The Outdoor Adventure Skills program is an invitation for Scouts to try something new—to be outside more, testing themselves with progressive

challenges while always staying within their capabilities

to stay safe. In short, it’s about having life-changing experiences.

Each Outdoor Adventure Skills pathway is divided into nine stages with a

badge awarded for each stage. However, the purpose of the OAS program

is not the badge. Rather, the Outdoor Adventure Skills should be seen as

tools to support the Plan-Do-Review process


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