Canadian Path for Youth

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Welcome to The Canadian Path! On this website, you’ll find all kinds of exciting stuff: videos, ideas for Adventures and helpful information about your Scouting program.

What does The Canadian Path mean to you? It means fantastic new opportunities. It means you’re taking part in a Youth-led program that will help you to grow in a well-rounded way (it’s something we call the “SPICES”), while still having the freedom to explore whatever your own passions and interests happen to be.

The Canadian Path also means that you’re part of a team, a team that can work together using the Plan-Do-Review method to make great things happen. You’ll have chances to lead, and learn what it takes to get the most out of your team.

There’s lots to explore on this website: Section Maps to help you plan just what you’re going to do, Outdoor Adventure Skills to build your competencies and Trail Cards to inspire your Adventures.

And there’s plenty still to come — so check back often!


Explore the Four Elements

  • Youth-Led
  • Plan-Do-Review
  • Adventure

The Four Elements provide youth with the opportunity to play an active role in facilitating and creating their own Youth-Led Path and program. The Plan-Do-Review element creates a more engaged and reflective process for our members, which they can apply to all their Adventures –and there will be many Adventures! SPICES will provide youth with a program that fosters well-rounded individuals, better prepared for success in the world.



Scouters are ultimately responsible for creating a safe, inclusive, and fun environments where youth can take on increasing responsibility and leadership roles.

We’ll see you on The Canadian Path!

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