Canadian Path Achievement


Personal Achievement

A series of badges, geared to the challenges of the individual youths personal interests. Personal achievement badges will be earned by completing Plan, Do, Review tasks designed by the youth and Scouter.

Top Section Award—Name TBA

Requirements in development … stay tuned

Outdoor Adventure Skills

What is the Outdoor Adventure Skills Program? The Outdoor Adventure Skills program is an invitation for Scouts to try something new—to be outside more, testing themselves with progressive challenges while always staying within their capabilities to stay safe. In short, it’s about having life-changing experiences. Each Outdoor Adventure Skills pathway is divided into nine stages with a badge awarded for each stage. However, the purpose of the OAS program is not the badge. Rather, the Outdoor Adventure Skills should be seen as tools to support the Plan-Do-Review process. – See more at:


Camping Adventure Skill
Aquatic Adventure Skill
Paddling Adventure Skill
Winter Skills Adventure Skill
Emergency Aid Adventure Skill
Vertical Challenges
Vertical Challenges Adventure Skill
Hiking Adventure Skill
Scout Craft
Scout Craft Adventure Skill
Sailing Adventure Skill

– See more at:

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