6 Program Areas Canadian Path

The Canadian Path is divided into six Program Areas—categories of the different opportunities that Scouting offers.

Each Section explores all of the Program Areas through age-appropriate activities. As your Section plans its Adventures, you may discover that your plans include more than one Program Area.

Including features from multiple Program Areas makes the Adventure more challenging and encourages development in all of the SPICES. Remember, the Canadian Path is Youth-led, so the youth will decide on Adventures for every Program Area. The ideas below give a sense of the fantastic possibilities the six Program Areas can provide.

Environment & Outdoors

Adventures in this Program Area involve exploring, hiking, camping, paddling and other ways of enjoying the outdoors, even as youth learn new skills to live in, and take care of, their environment and leave no trace.

• Learning about and interacting with nature and the environment
• Learning about how to enjoy, respect and live in the outdoors
• Camping, hiking and other outdoor activities
• Safety and survival skills
• Caring for, and protecting, the environment
• Understanding the interdependence we have with the environment


During Adventures in this Program Area, youth learn about and practice the skills of being good leaders in their Section, local community and Canada.

• Participation in administration of small groups, larger groups, the Section and the community
• Exploring a variety of styles of leadership
• Acting as a mentor for other youth in the program
• Experiencing shared leadership within small groups
• Understanding what makes a good leader
• Learning to move between being the leader and being a good team member under other leaders

Active & Healthy Living

During Adventures in this Program Area, youth are involved in playing, having fun and being active while they develop good mental and physical habits for happy and healthy living.

• Learning about health and fitness
• Exploring the benefits of a healthy lifestyle
• Experiencing a variety of options for fitness and joy in movement
• Respecting and understanding the diversity in body types and appearances
• Incorporating healthy activities in all aspects of life
• Making wise and healthy choices
• Learning first aid skills and what to do in emergency situations


During Adventures in this Program Area, youth are involved in learning about being good citizens in their community, Canada and world.

• Learning about the local community, Canada and the global community
• Offering service to Canada and to other communities
• Leading linking activities with a younger Section
• Learning about being a good citizen through participation in democracy and gaining knowledge of Canada’s history, form of government, legal system, etc.
• Understanding the interdependence that exists between people and between countries
• Participating in activities such as jamborees that create connections beyond our local community

Beliefs & Values

During Adventures in this Program Area, youth explore personal values and beliefs as well as the diversity of cultures and faiths that make up our communities, our nation and our world.

• exploring and reflecting upon the beliefs, values and attitudes that are part of our society
• understanding our own beliefs, values and attitudes in relation to others
• respecting diversity of culture and faith
• developing group, team and individual codes of practice in relation to the environment, working together and being a Scout
• working with the Internal Compass model (which engages Wonder, Gratitude, Service and Reflection as the foundation of Duty to God)

 6 Program Areas Canadian Path

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