Welcome to Carman’s Beavers, Cubs and Scouts Webpage!! We are having an exciting year with our Beavers, Cubs, Scouts  groups!  This program is open to both Boys and Girls ( we have girls already enrolled in Beavers and Cubs)!!  This is a great activity for children living in the Carman and surrounding Area as it promotes being active, connecting with nature, leadership, awareness and so much more!

It is great way to get outside and get active!!!m-e


Join us around the campfire on Thursday Sept 5th at 279 Medow wood Drive in Carman to learn more about enrolling your child in  Beavers, Cubs or Scouts!

Beavers ages 5-7

Cubs ages – 8-10

Scouts ages – 11-14

Only $230 for the year!!

Registration can be done on line! Click here and follow the prompts! 

It is never too late to register your child!!  If you are interested please call or email me. 204-745-6680 or info@carmanbcs.ca



*****If you are unable to log on to www.myscouts.ca to register, please call or email us!

Did you know that Scouts Canada has a THANK YOU button? Yes they do and you can click on it to thank a leader today!! Anyone can use this button and you do not need to be a member of Scouts to do so!


We have a excellent group of talented leaders for each of the programs but if you are interested in leading  or becoming a helper too we are always happy to have more help. Our experienced leaders are there to pass down their knowledge and with the extra help it makes it  so much easier for everyone. Please contact Lynne at 204-745-6680.

We encourage parental involvement with the program. Whether you help with badge work at home with your child or helping out with some of the activities at our meetings. Our hikes and outings are usually a lot of fun for the kids and adults!!

What do we do in Beavers, Cubs and Scouts?

We connect with nature, We learn to do our best, We learn to do by doing!

We encourage leadership and build confidence!

We make friends, we learn to work as a team!

We build observation skills, we learn outdoor skills!

But most of All WE HAVE FUN!!

Have a look at this video!


Ages 5-7


Ages 8-10


Ages 11-14


Ages 15-17


Ages 18-21

Check out some of our past events!!  OR  look at what we have done this year!



 Youth group for children kids in carman manitoba and surrounding areas such as Roland, MB Miami, MB Elm Creek, MB Greysville MB, Sperling, MB Morden Manitoba. Our group focuses on leadership, outdoor adventure, active kids all in a great setting.  This is a great organization for kids in the Carman manitoba area. Our youth group is for boys and girls in the Carman Manitoba area.

 Scouting in Carman Manitoba, Elm Creek Mb, Morden MB, Winkler Manitoba  is great to engage kids, keep them active. One of the most popular youth groups in Southern Manitoba and in the Pembina Valley. Camping, friendship, youth leadership and so much more. Morris Manitoba is also a great place to have a scouting group. Let us help you start a children’s scouting group today! Participaction in the outdoors. Exercise for kids, hiking, biking, canoe, loving the outdoors, protecting nature and the environment. Scouting Morden Manitoba. Scouting Carman Manitoba. Scouting Winkler Manitoba. It is all possible. Youth groups for Carman, Roland, Greysville, Rosille, Notre Dame de Lords, Sommerset, Morden, Winkler, Altona, Plum Coulee, Morris, Sperling, Homewood, Elm Creek, Haywood, Fannystelle,  Starbuck, La Salle, Sanford, Oak Bluff.

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